We have been enthusiastic campers for more than 20 years.

With time comes…

  • A family – there are 4 of us

  • The longing for convenience when camping

    • you do not want to crawl into a tent

    • a setup that is quick, effective and stable

    • easy access to everything

  • Exploration curiosity, that shouldn’t be limited by your camping setup

    • a 4×4’s mobility should not be compromised during tricky hill climbs, very loose sand or at high speed

    • enough packing space to be totally self sufficient for 10 days, with 4 people

  • Financial sensitivity

    • the cost of your camping setup shouldn’t break the bank

    • a camping setup shouldn’t adversely affect fuel consumption.


With the above requirements in mind and after numerous attempts and rigorous testing, we have come up with the “Kamper 2 + 2”.

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